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We foster inclusive
cultures that empower
diversity to succeed

Our goal is to transform organisations into Inclusion Leaders.


Authentic Business Disability Inclusion changes the disability narrative, impacts outcomes and enhances culture. Our clients want to get it right and improve the employee EX, customer CX and user UX experience.  Our 3-step training programme supports your teams to be "Disability Confident" everywhere.

Key areas of expertise:
Business Disability Inclusion, People, Culture, Strategic Development, Inclusive Leadership Development, Resilience and Wellbeing in the  Wrk[place, Client Focus.


  • The Ethical Case:  It is the right thing to do
  • The Legal Case: Go beyond compliance
  • The Business Case:  Employee engagement, productivity, diverse talent pool, brand reputation, shareholder confidence, client/customer loyalty, agile, neurodiverse and creative thinking......
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My experience with vision impairment  

My experience with vision impairment     My name is Tadhg and I’m 16. I’m a transition year student in County Meath, Ireland and I have albinism. This means that my eyes are a pale blueish-grey colour, I find it difficult to see things like words or figures in the distance or even facial features.  My skin is very pale and my hair...

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