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Disability Supports for Private Sector Business

Perhaps you or one of your employees has acquired a disability as a result of an accident, illness or aging.   Navigating the “Disability Quagmire” can be overwhelming.  Ireland has come a long way in terms of Disability Business Inclusion. Mainstreaming disability in the workplace is fundamental to a societal change that will increase the number of people with disabi...

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My DisruptAbility Story

Clare tells her story to Life FM.  Disclosure is a huge topic in the Disability community. When is the right time to tell.  There is no "one size fits all".  Have a listen to Clare's story and it might help empower you.

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Training at the Kingsley Hotel

This is a taster of the training.  We had a great day at the Kingsley Hotel in Cork where the managers from both the Kingsley and the Fota Collection fully participated in Disability Awareness Equality Training.

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Graham O Shea's DisruptAbility Podcast

This interview uncovers the issues around education and employment for the Deaf community in Ireland.  Thanks Graham for a very insightful discussion.

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Toby Mildon DisruptAbility podcast

Toby gives some great tips for organisations starting their inclusion journey.

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Evaleen Whelton DisruptAbility interview

Evaleen Whelton was identified Autistic at the age of 37.  Have a listen to her story

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Johnny Murphy Interview

It is always fun hanging out with Johnny Murphy and so I was thrilled when he agreed to come on the DisruptAbility Podcast.

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Stephen Ryan DisruptAbility Podcast

Stephen started his educational journey in the Cork spastic clinic and is now a lecturer in CIT and business owner of Narration and 24 stories.. This is a great story.  Enjoy the listen.

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DisruptAbility Podcast Episode 1

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Working to create a more Inclusive Cork

Great to have large companies in

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Recruiting and retainig Disability

As well as the importance to employ more disabled people, it is equally imperative to ensure that those who are employed are supported to stay. Ensure that new employees are given the right support from their first day. Onboarding. Provide the right support for employees who acquire a disability while working for you. Identify and remove barriers to performanc...

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Unconscious bias

Hiring a diverse workforce is key to being competitive. However, unconscious bias can work against this end and keep under-represented groups like people with disabilities from being equal, successful, and economically stable. Unconscious bias awareness is a fundamental part of Disability Equality training.  Unconscious bia...

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Mini-me recruiting is short-sighted

Business Disability Inclusion is not just about employment but it is a central topic.  The harsh reality is that 50% of Graduates with disabilities are unemployed.  They even find it hard to get work placements and internships.  Until we bring disability into the mainstream this will not chan...

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